How to watch Netflix from Australia and New Zealand

Netflix is an on demand media streaming service which currently is available to users in North America, South America and parts of Europe. As of 2013 Netflix was offering a collection of over 100 000 titles and had surpassed 40 million subscribers.

As well as being a media delivery service, Netflix also has produced some popular TV series of today.
House of cards, Arrested Development and Orange is the new black are some of Netflixs shows.

How do i get Netflix in Australia?

Netflix has its official launch date in Australia as 24th of March and many of us are excited for that.
We finally we have a solid alternative for Foxtel and it appears its monopoly is at an end.

If you were to browse to using your Australian IP address you’re met with a website telling us the date of arrival.


How do i get around the Netflix Country restrictions?

I think you can guess what I’m going to say – Watch Netflix with a VPN.
Most VPNS will do the job, there are several free ones but given the free ones tend to have bandwidth limitations which aren’t great for downloading streamed videos we will stick to the premium ones.

Providers like IPVanish and VyprVPN Provide support on multiple platforms.
So you can install your VPN on your Windows, Mac, Smartphone or even your home internet router to ensure all devices on your network are Netflix US Friendly.

All the VPN providers on the front page will do the job, pick one.
Follow the relevant providers setup instructions to get the VPN up and running.
Once you’re on set your VPN software to use a United States server and login to the Netflix website and begin to register an account.

Shouldn’t i wait until March 24th in to sign up in Australia?

The decision is yours, the only problem with this is that the Australian accounts will not have access to all the media that United States accounts due to various licensing agreements Netflix has had to make.

Netflix needs a United States Address to register.

To get around this, input your current Australian street address.
Set your country to the United States and then change your post code to having an extra 0 at the beginning or at the end of it.
Good to go.

Is using Netflix with a VPN legal?

Well it’s not illegal, you aren’t stealing and your money is as good as any Americans.
In fact Netflix knows about the use of VPNS as thousands of people already do it and Netflix privacy policy does not have a problem with VPNs.

Whatever you decide, having affordable media entertainment delivery services come to Australia and New Zealand is long overdue.
Now we just need faster internet to keep up.

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