Not safe to download in Australia anymore?!

DDay is coming for internet pirates in Australia with news today the Australian labor party is going to toe the line and vote for the mandatory data retention laws.

The Sydney Morning Herald today released an article stating:

“The Federal Court’s Justice Nye Perram is being asked to determine whether internet providers iiNet, Adam Internet, Dodo and others should have to identify customers that United States company Dallas Buyers Club LLC alleges infringed its copyright by sharing online the film of the same name.
If successful, Dallas Buyers Club LLC plans to send letters to those identified threatening to sue them or asking them to settle for thousands of dollars”

Given Australias relatively small population over the years Australians have been forced to wait longer for media than American and British Citizens as well as pay more for the same stuff..
For those that turned to the internet to keep up to date with Worldwide Media this new law brings a very real prospect that you can be prosecuted for this type of activity.

Senatot Scott Lundlam from the Australian Greens Party is one of the few politicians who seems concerned about Mandatory Data Retention in Australia and i for one am glad he’s around.
You can find more information about Scott and the Greens partys plans here

For those that intend on continuing to download media/software online it is now a potentially very risky proposition.
I know we bang on about it here at Bestvpns, but the only way to be safe is to use a VPN.
We’ve listed our prefered ones on the front page.

IPVanish is running a special in March and given their privacy policy they are a good place to start.

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