Surfshark Review for Australians




SurfShark is another new VPN provider that does not keep logs and aims to make using a VPN easy for those of us technically minded and others who aren’t.

One great benefit Surfshark has over other providers is Surfshark have developed browser plugins, so, if you don’t want to run a heavy VPN client that encrypts all activity on your machine you can run a VPN browser, this would encrypt your browser traffic but if you wanted to play a game then that traffic wouldn’t be affected.


SurfShark offer support and guidance for the following devices:

Surfshark Review for Australians

Surfshark also allows install on unlimited amounts of devices.




Surfshark does not keep data that can be used to identify users.

The kind of data that is NOT logged includes:

  • Incoming and outgoing IP addresses;
  • Browsing, downloading or purchasing history;
  • VPN servers you use;
  • Used bandwidth;
  • Session information;
  • Connection timestamps;
  • Network traffic;

The only information that Surfshark service stores:

  • User’s e-mail address (used for purposes of connecting to VPN, marketing, and troubleshooting purposes);
  • Information regarding Billing (used in case if a refund is requested);


Usability and Interface


I’ve tried the Windows install and Chrome plugin so far and both were super easy to install and use.

I’ll focus on the Windows client for now.

Once installed, you’re met with the user interface:


Surfshark Review for Australians


It’s super simple, click quick connect and Surfshark will find the closest VPN server to your location and connect you.

If you want to connect somewhere else? All locations is where you want to be.


Surfshark also has plenty of options including Auto-connect and start with Windows.


Surfshark Review for Australians



Surfshark is an extremely simple, cost effective VPN provider that has great response customer service.

It doesn’t have the numbers of servers across the world other clients like PureVPN have but the servers it does have are fast and reliable.

Another great benefit of Surfshark is that you can install it on an unlimited number of devices, so you can secure all of your gadgets.


Give SurfShark a go, sign up here.


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