PureVPN loves cricket, Running a Worldcup Promotion.


PureVPN One of the largest VPN providers in the world with over 450 servers and 77,000 IPS loves cricket.

The PureVPN is also great to use for

* Unblocking websites
* Video Streaming
* Anonymity
* Wifi-Security

They’ve reached out to us at Bestvpns.com.au with an offer.
If you signup to a VPN using the Promo code CWC2015 you will receive an additional 10% discount on any product purchase.
This offer lasts for the term of the Cricket World Cup currently Hosted in Australia and New Zealand.
(We’re biased here at Bestvpns.. and so are crossing fingers for an Aussie Victory.)

If you want to watch the Cricket Worldcup Online Live from anywhere in the world.

PureVPN has provided a complete list of online locations, most of these are geoblocked but you can get around these by using a PureVPN.

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