How safe are DNS proxies to access Netflix?

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What are smart DNS Proxies?

Smart DNS Proxies are an alternate solution to VPN used to unblock content from other countries for providers such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, BBC Plus, HBO and the WWE Network.

What are the dangers of using a DNS proxy ?

A DNS Server is responsible for translating domain names, like to it’s IP address.

So, whenever you type in your DNS server translates to the domain name to an IP address and your web browser loads the webpage.

Every website you visit requires this translation and that means that the DNS server knows about every website you visit.

Why should that be a problem?

  1. Your privacy is exposed,  there’s no way of knowing what information is gathered about you, how long it is kept, and for what purposes ?
  2. Performance issues. If you are using an online random code, chances might be it is overloaded, and DNS queries are slow, which in turn slows down all of your Internet.
  3. Your personal information is at risk ! Given that you do not know who operates and owns that DNS code. You are at risk of your personal information such as Facebook information, Bank accounts, email accounts, being re-routed and stolen.
  4. No support ! If you have issues with the service, who do you turn to ?
  5. Perhaps the most important consideration when considering a DNS proxy is if it’s Free, Why ? So there is a DNS proxy code online, which is free to use ? Why? I mean what is in it for the DNS code owner ? Under which jurisdiction is he acting ? And again under what privacy rules ?

How do i select the best Smart DNS?

I tend to recommend staying away from the free ones as it’s difficult to ascertain ones motive in paying to help others access a paid service.

Whatever you decide, when selecting a smart dns provider, look for the below.

  1. A clearly visible and written privacy policy.
  2. A company that operates in a reputable jurisdiction.
  3. Obvious means of support, whether email, real time chat or phone number.
  4. A stable infrastructure. In other words, once you use the DNS codes of your provider, your Internet should not become slow or unstable.
  5. Clearly stated contact information for the DNS provider.




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