Ironsocket VPN Review

No, not that kind of an ironsocket.
Ironsocket is one of the popular mid-price range VPNS on the market that don’t keep activity logs.
They are based out of Hong Kong so aren’t subject to United States laws and regulations. Anytime you hear that, it’s worth a peak.
We contacted Ironsocket and asked for a trial account and within moments, we heard back with approval. That’s a good statement on their customer service.
So let’s check them out.
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User Interface

Iron socket VPN doesn’t have a gui so using an OpenVPN connection as an example, you need to download the OpenVPN client, download a configuration profile from the Ironsocket website and connect.

Full instructions on how to do all this are supplied on the Ironsocket website.
A neat feature they have is in the server selection list, where you download your configuration file they show you which servers allow P2P and which don’t.
To those interested Ironsocket has many servers in countries where P2P is allowed.


Ironsocket allows 3 concurrent VPN connections and claim to somehow have optimised some of their servers for P2P file sharing. They’ve got 24×7 customer support, which has really good response times. Based out of Hong Kong, and a real emphasis on the use of OpenVPN which we love at Coming in at $4.20 a month for a year subscription it’s definitely a great VPN to use and during our testing we had great performance while browsing and downloading data. Give them a try.

Best VPN to use

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