Netflix launches in Australia

US streaming media giant Netflix launched in Australia this week, giving Netflix Australia subscribers access to about 1,200 titles.
Sounds great?
Well it is.. but like many things.. it could be better.. alot better.
​Current titles on access versus other countries with Netflix:
Below is an image illustrating what one could possibly have by using a VPN to connect to other countries.
Meaning if an Australian were to use a VPN server in Argentina, Mexico or the USA that Australian user would be able to access over 12,000 more titles.78e646_ddd26417fcb14721903b683a1d0209b1

To help our viewers determine exactly what Australia is getting and what we’re missing out on –
we’ve compiled a thorough list of the TV shows that are included in the Australian Netflix compared with the American subscription.
Check that out here.

VPN Providers like IPVanish with Overplay and PureVPN have addons that come with their VPN service that make accessing Netflix easier.



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