The Trouble with Public Wi-Fi

Dangers of Public WiFi

Dangers of Public Wifi


Public WiFi is every where these days and it’s great to be sitting in an airport or restaurant and be able to jump onto the internet and get some work done.

Connecting to a public network requires virtually no authentication or authorisation. In most cases, you’ll either encounter a captive portal asking you to agree with the Terms of Service or you’ll need to ask someone for a password.

Here’s the thing about computer networks, computers work by sending packets of information between each other, this information is Gobbledigook to the naked eye however there are many programs that can translate that Gobbledigook into legible information.

Yes, that means that everything you do on a network can theoretically be watched, your usernames and passwords are not as safe as you thought.

That’s what makes public networks so dangerous, you don’t know whose sitting on there listening to the traffic.

Unless of course you encrypt your network traffic, how do you do that?

Use a VPN.

When you’re connected to the VPN a tunnel is formed between you and the server, anybody trying to eavesdrop will only see encrypted information.


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