Unblock Geo-Block Save money by Shopping Overseas

We’ve done a few articles recently on geoblocking and using a VPN to maximise your Netflix subscription.
What we haven’t talked much about is using a VPN to get around Geoblocking and save by purchasing software and hardware overseas.
Infact an Australian parliamentary report has recommend Australians use a VPN to get around retailers geoblocks and get access to the same prices US citizens get.

Then, a study by Choice where they conducted some analysis of online price discrimination in June 2013 by looking at online prices for more than 200 products, and found that Australian consumers pay an average of 37% more for PC games, 26% more for software – Microsoft products were 66 per cent more on average, while specialised 3D animation software was more than 50 per cent more expensive.
Even iTunes was 52% more expensive for downloads and 28% more for computer hardware than our US counterparts

Ok so that’s all well and good but it leaves some big questions for physical merchandise –

How do I get stuff shipped to Australia?

The price is often right with online retailers – until you reach the checkout and are told that shipping to Australia isn’t possible. Third-party delivery services, like MyUS.com, Bongond Australian-based company Price USA, remove physical shipping barriers, opening up new shopping opportunities for Australian consumers.

How do I set up a US iTunes account?

In the US iTunes store, the Beatles’ No. 1 album sells for US$12.99, yet Australians fork out almost 60% more to buy it from an Australian IP address. To get around this, you can set up a US iTunes account by altering the country setting automatically detected when you open the iTunes store, and entering a legitimate US address instead.


If the Australian government isn’t saying it’s a bad thing that says alot. Use a VPN and save.

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