VPNS Aren’t Dead – They’re More Important Than Ever

No, VPNs Aren’t Dead — They’re More Important Than Ever

A few weeks ago, a particular SC Media Executive Insight claimed it’s time to say good-bye to VPNs.

The writer wrote that application access was more effective, and that zero trust architecture is an essential ‘alternate model’ for access.

The world is becoming ‘smaller’ and we are relying more on remote infrastructure. Whether it’s via remote employees, the Internet of Things, or simply expanding locations, the majority of businesses simply aren’t centralised in one location any more.

That’s why a great VPN is so important; it doesn’t just provide a ‘security border’ for whoever, it provides access to essential data and resources on your network for the people that need them most: your employees and your teams.

VPNs provide a type of network security that is very complicated and it’s true that application security is important — but that doesn’t remove the need for network security and network access control.

VPNs aren’t dead or dying; on the contrary, they’ve become more valuable than ever to any company that wants to scale safely in this ever-changing cyber security landscape.


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