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Showtime’s Homeland is all set to return to Netflix with its brand new season 7. This great American spy-thriller TV series is set amid rapidly changing global politics, increasing terrorism, and conspiracies against the White House.


Watch Homeland Online


It is important to note that season 6, which was released last year, will only become available on Netflix from February 2018. So, the brand new season 7, which will start airing on February 11, may not be available to stream on Netflix until the end of 2018.

How do you watch it live?

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This Showtime original series is insanely popular. Not online does it have an excellent storyline, but each of its seasons has managed to become the center of attention for critics who had continued to tie the show with real events. Many people even claim that Homeland is creating a propaganda of the pro-peace foreign policies of the CIA, which are non-existent in reality.

Every year, when a new Season of Homeland airs, fans from around the world resort to online streaming if Showtime isn’t available in their region. However, it becomes very frustrating when they experience too many glitches and lags.

We don’t want you to be left behind. You can now watch the new episodes of Homeland Season 7 whenever they air, right on Showtime’s official website. It no longer matters if Showtime is available in your region. Just connect PureVPN and start enjoying your ultimate streaming experience.


Watch Homeland online

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