Watch Super 15 and Rugby Union Anywhere in the World

Every die hard sports fan knows that one of the tragedies about traveling the world is missing out on their favourite sports back home.

Unfortunately International and Domestic Rugby including the Super 15 competition is almost impossible to watch live on free television or to stream online without the right subscription.
Cable broadcasters across the world have exclusive rights – they paid a lot of money for them and they aren’t letting up easily.
The Southern Hemisphere Broadcasters:

If you are subscriber to any of the above services you can use your account to watch all the big rugby games live that is – while in your country.
However if you are outside of those nations – taken a trip to Bali to get some sun during the winter for example then you’re out of luck, providers geoblock you from using their services when you’re traveling.

To get around this you need to use a VPN Service provider with a server in Australia if you’re a Foxtel customer.
A VPN Server in New Zealand if you’re a skysports subscriber or a South African VPN Server for Supersport.

The alternative if you aren’t in any of those countriers? Livesport offers a live streaming service which is geo blocked to the UK region.
A 12 month pass to Livesport is $69.99, which is cheap, far cheaper than the $50.00 per month Foxtel Subscription.

To get around the Livesport Geoblock or to bypass any Geoblock you’re going to need a good VPN.
All the VPNS we have listed have got servers in the required nations and are tested to be secure.


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