What is a Dedicated IP and How do i use one?

Dedicated IP address


What is a dedicated IP?

Most shared hosting users have little need for a dedicated IP address. However, a dedicated IP address does provide certain advantages.

Generally speaking, a dedicated IP allows you to:

  • View the internet via your dedicated IP address.
  • Access accounts by FTP or the Web when the domain name is otherwise inaccessible from a foreign IP address, such as during domain name propagation periods.

Benefits of using a dedicated IP?

Secure Remote Access
  • With a dedicated IP, employers have the control over who accesses their network, and employees can relax knowing that their IP is protected.
Online Banking Security
  • With a dedicated IP, you can restrict online access to your bank account, and limit it to your IP only.
Personal Blogs Security
  • With a dedicated IP, you can increase security measures of your blog by only allowing your IP to access the backen.
Two Factor Authentication
  • With a dedicated IP, you can setup a two-factor authentication protocol to your website, bank account or the online resource of your choice.
Data Base Server Security
  • With a dedicated IP, no hacker will be able to access your server’s database since only your dedicated IP is allowed to do so.

How do i use a dedicated IP?

Most premium VPN providers offer a dedicated IP Service.

PureVPN has one of the most extensive networks in the world with the option to get your own dedicated IP in over 141 countries.

Check them out and stay safe!


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