Edward Snowden on Internet Security and VPNS

Edward Snowden holds discreet Q and A with technology leaders, including Goldenfrogs VyprVPN.


Yesterday (March the 15th) Edward Snowden and several technology leaders held a Q and A.

The invite-only session was limited to about 25 tech leaders and was a chance for the tech community and Snowden to talk about the things we need to do to improve cybersecurity and fight back against government surveillance.

Golden Frogs president Sunday Yokubaitis and co-Founder Ron Yokubaitis participated in this Q&A discussion with Edward Snowden at SXSW.

Sunday brought up personal VPN services and asked, “What product or services should we build to fill in the current policy gaps?” Snowden answered that VPN providers need to develop new technologies to obscure their services so VPN traffic can’t be identified as being encrypted. He also said we need more randomizing efforts for other services so we, as a tech community, can defeat monitoring at the network level.

A fair amount of the discussion focused on tech policy to curb government surveillance. But Snowden pointed out that the tech industry needs to build products and services to protect people. If you are waiting for the government to protect you, you likely will be waiting a very long while.

Encryption Works

It’s no secret the NSA is actively trying to break encryption. Snowden said the more we encrypt, the more expensive it is for the government to collect data. Even the NSA has budget constraints, and the more money we make them spend to get our data, the harder it will become to keep their programs going.

This is encouraging as Goldenfrog has developed its own proprietary encryption protocol known as Chameleon.
We at bestvpns.com.au couldn’t be happier to hear that Edward Snowden and the technology community are having dialogue and hopefully this means a safer internet for the rest of us.

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