How to watch Game of Thrones online

With the box office hit Game of Thrones returning for Season 5, well, we’re excited, really really excited.
In some countries – like Australia – Foxtel owns the rights to air Game of Thrones and so those of us without foxtel are either out of luck forced to try and avoid overhearing spoiler conversation by our friends and colleagues or to download torrent versions of the program.
Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Want to watch game of thrones online?

Well like many good things in life you can Stream it with HBO Go
Unfortuately like many good things in life – there’s a catch.
You guessed it – geo blocking , If you were to visit the HBOGo website from outside of America you’ll be greeted with something like the below.


How to get around the HBO Go Block?

Well you’re on a VPN Website so you’re half way there.
A VPN will do the job, any good VPN will have servers in America you can use once connected. This will make it so the worlds internet servers view your traffic as though you’re in America. There are some of the best VPN providers we’ve found and tested on our front page.

A tip
Providers that utilise Smart DNS systems like PureVPN have an edge when it comes to streaming movies given how your bandwidth is routed.

Good luck and enjoy streaming Game of Thrones.


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