HBO Now Launches – Watch Game of Thrones Premiere

Available Only in the U.S.
Watch Game of Thrones Season Premiere

HBO NOW, the new Internet streaming service from HBO which does not require a cable subscription, is now available, but only in the U.S. iTunes store. You may know HBO as the cable channel responsible for some great shows such as The Wire, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and True detective. With the season premiere of the massively popular “Game of Thrones” happening this upcoming Sunday, fans around the world will want to sign up immediately to ensure they don’t miss a minute of their favourite original programming.

How do i get access to HBO Now outside of the US?

HBO NOW requires a U.S. iTunes account in order to download and subscribe to the app. If you do not have a US iTunes account – you’ll need to get one. Using a VPN will do the trick, this allows travellers to circumvent geo-blocks, allowing HBO enthusiasts from around the globe to connect to a U.S. server. Some providers offer Smart DNS Apps. IPVanish and Overplay are offering a 25% discount by using the code HBONOW. This is a great opportunity as IPVanish is a premium service and are usually very miserly on the discount offers they give out.

How to use HBO Now

While logged-in to your US iTunes account, locate HBO NOW in the App Store or on your Apple TV and follow the prompts for subscription. You will be billed monthly to your U.S. iTunes account, so make sure you have funds on there as you will not be able to use your personal credit card./

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