State of Australian Internet

Have you been following the headlines lately?
Know about the changes to Australian Internet?

There was a time not so long ago when the future of Australian Internet seemed bright. To the young nerds it was downright exciting! Labor was still in power and the NBN Roll out was in full swing. The excitment was about the lightning fast internet speeds rather than the political party in power. I shouldn’t just highlight the plight of us nerds as the internet speed in Australia has been a joke for some time.How bad is our internet? Well it’s better than Italy, but not as good as Kyrgyzstan and Albania. Infact, we’re ranked 44th on a poll done by internet capable countries the below was done in 2010 Pretty poor.


So fast forward 4 years and things have taken a drastic turn. The NBN has been put on the back burner, mandatory data retention has been passed into law with relatively little fuss, iiNet was taken to court by the Dallas Buyers Club LLC And is being forced to reveal customer information to a foreign corporation and now, George Brandis and Malcolm Turnbull are attempting to introduce legislation that will force Internet Service Providers to provide customers with a 3 strikes and you’re out policy when it comes to copyright infringements.

Think about that for a minute, that’s a drastic change in a relatively short period of time seemingly
corresponding with changing of the political party running the country.

The priories of the parties seem so different, why? Perhaps it’s a coincidence that Anti-Piracy advocate roadshow has significantly increased it’s contributions to the liberal party. And we’ve already mentioned how much the Packers contribute to the liberal party. With the mandatory data retention scheme looking at costing over $300 million dollars to store and archive customer metadata for 2 years who really wins? At least in regards to data retention some would argue the Australian Public wins at least in terms of safety.but really there’s very little evidence data retention has helped anybody anywhere prevent crime.

Who has mandatory data retention?

So you may ask, data retention is there for a reason, surely everywhere else in the world has such a thing?
Well the Electronic Frontiers Foundation publishes a list of countries with mandatory data retention laws.

Argentina: Data retention scheme ruled unconstitutional and annulled because it compromised privacy.
Brazil: Data retention bill was proposed, but prevented by public campaigns.
Czech Republic: Data retention law ruled unconstitutional and ISP obligations were cancelled.
Europe: Law under review in Hungary and Finland and being fought in Greece.
Declared unconstitutional in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Romania. Resisted in Sweden and Slovakia. Poland has a scheme that goes beyond the EU parameters.
Mexico: Recently established a data retention scheme.
US: No scheme, but communications law can be used to compel providers to preserve data on government request.

Whoever it is, as we’ve seen with facebook and google there is huge monetary value in customer’s meta-data so why is this going to be any different? Perhaps i’m just a cynic but why make it easy to be spied on? Please use a VPN.

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