Trump Signs Away Internet Privacy

The United States Government Kills ISP Privacy Regulations.


Trump kills internet privacy

As many of you are aware, President Trump signed a Bill into law (S.J 34/H.J. 86), repealing FCC online privacy protections for consumers browsing online, officially killing regulations previously created by the FCC just weeks before last year’s presidential election.

His signature followed votes in both the Senate and House to disapprove the rules. As a result, Internet Service Providers will NOT have to seek explicit consumer consent before sharing and selling their personal information to advertisers and third parties. The signature is a win for the broadband providers (ISPs) who will retain their ability to conduct invasive practices to collect, sell and share consumer data.

While you’re connected to a VPN your internet service provider cannot see what you are doing.

So protect yourself and your privacy.

Use a VPN.


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