Want to Watch Foxtel Outside of Australia

Watch Foxtel outside of Australia

Taken a trip outside of Australia and want to watch Foxtel?


I recently was overseas in Thailand and wanted to watch the NRL and some Super Rugby games live.
Unfortunately the Thais don’t have the same passion for Southern Hemisphere sports involving the odd shaped balls and i was forced to scrounge around the internet looking for a stream.


That’s when i remembered i had a Foxtel subscription.

Say what you like about Foxtel and their services but they do have a great sports selection.


I visited the Foxtel website excited but… I could not even download the application.  i was Geoblocked by Foxtel!
I hadn’t setup my VPN yet so i decided to quickly get around the Geoblock and use the free DNS routing software Hola.


This allowed me to download and install the application then, another hurdle as Hola is only browser based as soon as i launched the Foxtel Go application i was was blocked once again.

There was no way around it, i loaded up the PureVPN VPN software, connected to an Australian server and got stuck into watching a cracking game of Rugby.


So if you want to watch Foxtel Go or Foxtel Play outside of Australia – You’re going to need to use a VPN.
One thing to be wary of – streaming does use a lot of bandwidth with Foxtel’s own calculations, watching two hours a day would use around 60GB in a month. One hour of viewing uses a maximum of 1310MB. You can turn the viewing quality down the lowest form would equate to about 470mb. So there you have it, use your Foxtel when your overseas and don’t miss out on watching your favorite sports or shows.


Watch Foxtel Outside of Austalia

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