TorGuard VPN Review


TorGuard is one of the mid-size VPN Providers boasting over 1200 Servers in over 42 countries.
Every VPN provider offers something a little bit different, Torguard is no exception.
To start with, Torguard offers two different VPN Application options, the VPN Lite client and the other option which has more features “Viscosity”.
The Viscosity client requires a license file and is licensed per machine, whereas the lite client is available for use on 5 simultaneous devices.


Torguard is a United States based company and as such, subject to United States rules and regulations. As per the Torguard website “This is a BIG no. We don’t keep logs, period. We don’t record or keep logs of our user downloads as thousands of users are tunneling their connection and sharing the same IP – it would be near impossible. The only info TorGuard records is a billing name and address – strictly for PCI compliance and billing purposes. No download or credit card info is stored on our servers – ever..”

User Interface

As mentioned above, Torguard has 2 software options. Torguard Lite and Torguard Viscosity.
Torguard Lite as the name suggests is lite. It’s basic and easy to use.


Torguard Viscosity offers a little more. It has advanced features that aren’t offered in the Lite version the VPN user interface gives you more options, particularly protocol selection and server locations.


Another option that’s included in the Viscosity client is the addition of the Kill Switch, which disconnects the computer from the internet if the VPN loses connectivity.


Torguard is a great VPN it’s user interface is simple enough and offers 24/7 Support. One thing Torguard has many other providers don’t is that it accepts over 80 methods of Payment including Bitcoin and Litecoin.
At $5.00 a month, having servers in many countries around the world and publicly unopposed to p2p.
Torguard won’t let you down.

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